Erasist clothing and products helps us have the conversation! Show your support for positive social change with Erasist Clothing and Products! Be an Erasist! Wear Erasist! Represent what you stand for! The Pride Shop is here and we are adding Pride Shop clothing and products daily! Thank you for shopping with us! Erasist supports charities through charitable donations of a portion of proceeds from sales. Erasist supports Black Lives Matter. Erasist supports The Trevor Project. Products featuring ERASE RUSSIAN AGGRESSION messaging supports The Ukrainian Red Cross and The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund by GlobalGiving.

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About Erasist

Erasist is a brand with messaging of anti-racism, anti-hate, social justice, equality, inclusion, racial equity, social justice, positivity and love. Our products show these shared values and help people have conversations about these issues.

Being an Erasist means that you stand for ending and erasing hate, racism, inequality, injustice, violence, negativity and oppression as well as other social injustices from the present and future.

At Erasist, we strongly support the equality of all races, genders, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations. We believe that by standing together, we can work towards uniting all with love instead of hate. 

Erasists are united in the struggle against the prevalent issues that currently stand in the way of achieving the equality of all people. These issues include hate, racism, inequality, injustice, violence, negativity and oppression. An Erasist uses their voice to end and erase these wrongs from the present and the future. An Erasist chooses the side of love. You are choosing to advocate for a better, more accepting, and diverse world.

At Erasist, we will be continuously showcasing many great Erasists of the past and present, in an effort to educate and draw inspiration on how we can follow in the paths that they have forged. It is our mission to support positive social change in the world through advocacy, raising awareness, having conversations and giving back. Our apparel and merchandise express messages of positive social change, unity, compassion, and empathy.

We hope that you too will become an Erasist and join us in our mission to make this world a safer, better place for all.

Erasist helps us have the conversation! It takes an Erasist to erase hate, racism, inequality and injustice!

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