Erasist clothing and products helps us have the conversation! Show your support for positive social change with Erasist Clothing and Products! Be an Erasist! Wear Erasist! Represent what you stand for! The Pride Shop is here and we are adding Pride Shop clothing and products daily! Thank you for shopping with us! Erasist supports charities through charitable donations of a portion of proceeds from sales. Erasist supports Black Lives Matter. Erasist supports The Trevor Project. Products featuring ERASE RUSSIAN AGGRESSION messaging supports The Ukrainian Red Cross and The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund by GlobalGiving.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is Erasist?
Erasist™ (Erasist) is a brand that represents what an Erasist stands for.  An Erasist stands against hate, racism, injustice, inequality, violence, negativity, oppression, discrimination, racial inequity, gender inequality and all other social injustices. An Erasist stands for the end to (erasing from the present and from the future) all social injustices. An Erasist stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 
Is Erasist the one word that could represent all social movements?
Yes!  This one word says it all!  A person who stands against any form of hate is an Erasist. A person who stands against racism is an Erasist. A person who stands against injustice is an Erasist. A person who stands against inequality is an Erasist. A person who stands against violence is an Erasist. A person who stands against negativity is an Erasist. A person who stands against oppression is an Erasist. This one word says what you stand for and what you stand against! That's why we say "Be an Erasist" and "Wear Erasist!"
What is Erasist doing that's more than just a brand?

Erasist is a brand with messaging of anti-racism, anti-hate, social justice, equality, inclusion, racial equity, social justice, positivity and love. Our products show these shared values and help people have conversations about these issues.

Erasist is focusing on education about the great leaders and events that fought and are fighting now against hate, racism, injustice, inequality, violence, negativity and oppression in the USA and globally.  The "Great Erasist Blog" is a growing and enduring source of education and inspiration about civil rights leaders and events. Written by our diverse team of content writers, this educational content will continually grow and endure on the Erasist website.  These educational articles are also posted on our social media.
Erasist also plans to establish a non-profit organization, including a social movement. We are looking for students to establish college chapters of the Erasist social movement.  Please reach out if you have interest!
What are "The Big Seven"?
Since its inception, Erasist has focused on identifying and naming the social injustices of our time. There are many. There should be none! Some social injustices fall under a broader category of others. At this time, we have identified seven major categories of social injustices which are hate, racism, injustice, inequality, violence, negativity and oppression.  There is no importance to the order in which The Big Seven are listed.  Discrimination is an injustice that is no less important than The Big Seven and actually includes most, if not all, of the Big Seven.  There are many other social injustices that fall under one or more of The Big Seven and are no less important than the Big Seven. Your feedback is welcome!
Does Erasist support Black Lives Matter?
Absolutely, yes!
Erasist is fighting against racism. So what are the origins of racism?
Some interesting reads: